Scientific Posters Printed on Fabric

Scientific Posters Cut from a Different Cloth

Scientific Posters Printed on Fabric

Before you produce your next scientific poster, ask yourself—will it…

  • Fold to fit in your suitcase or briefcase?
  • Be lightweight and easy to hang?
  • Use environmentally friendly, recyclable production methods?
  • Allow you to hang—or iron—out wrinkles?
  • Do all of this and still hang just like a laminated paper poster?

If you get it printed on cloth by Creative MediaWorks, it will!

CMW has been the region’s leading design, production and print center for over 20 years—and we’ve made our reputation by continually raising the bar for quality and cutting-edge production methods. And, we’ve just done it again.

Now, you can trust CMW to turn your high-resolution PDF, Quark, InDesign or PowerPoint files into stunning, high-quality images and text on a special cloth media that leaves your shipping tube at home and sends shipping costs packin’! Now that’s something to write home about.

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