Adobe Acrobat Clinic

Adobe Acrobat is essential to the content review process. Since PDFs can be viewed on most devices without disrupting formatting, fonts or images, they have become the industry standard for file sharing.

Unfortunately, the same features that make Adobe Acrobat a premier program for document sharing also make it difficult for content developers to manipulate documents on the fly. If you’ve ever needed to watermark a file at the last minute to make a regulatory review deadline, you understand where we’re coming from. Here are some tricks that may help you:

Combining several files into one PDF

  1. Click on the File menu

  2. Select Create PDF

  3. Select Merge Files Into one Single PDF

  4. A window will pop up allowing you to drag and drop the files you want to merge. It will prompt you to save the new larger compilation as a new file

Extracting pages and saving them as individual files

  1. Go to the Document menu and select Extract Pages

  2. Enter the page numbers and click Extract as Separate Files

  3. The pages will open up in a new document

Note: Add or delete pages from the Document menu as well.

Merging annotations from multiple files

  1. Go to the Comments window and select Comments List

  2. Select the Options button (found under the Comments List to the right)

  3. Select Import Data File

  4. Open the file with additional comments. (Comments you don’t want to include need to be manually deleted)

Adding a watermark

  1. Go to the Document menu and select Watermark

  2. In the Add dialogue box you can adjust the font, rotation and opacity of the watermark text

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