PowerPoint templates are designed to make your life easier. But if you overlook your template setup, you can be looking at inconsistencies and mistakes that will add time to your project, causing you major frustration. Here are some things you can prepare for to avoid a snowball effect.

Designing your PowerPoint template for maximum text

Nothing stops slide layout in its tracks like having to change the background design to accommodate a title that has two lines when the template was only designed for one.

  • Use head spaces large enough to accommodate all of your text

  • If your presentation is content heavy, avoid using design elements that predetermine head space

  • Keep graphic elements at the top or bottom of the slide – not both

  • Use corners for logos

  • Run disclaimers up the sides

Using standard style templates

Custom styles require more formatting. That means more work, more time and a greater risk for inconsistencies. Using standard PowerPoint chart and table templates simplifies formatting and helps maintain consistency throughout your presentation.

Color scheme

A standard color scheme consists of 12 colors. You can choose two light and two dark text/background colors, six accents , one hyperlink, and one clicked hyperlink. Charts populate with accent colors in numerical order (from one to 6). When defining the order of your accent colors, think about how they’ll look next to each other in a chart. You will also need to set your RGB values. These are the levels of red, green and blue in each color.

Presentation master

Most computers have common system fonts so files can be easily shared without unintended changes in text or formatting between users. Before formatting, set the font in the presentation master to keep it consistent throughout the deck.

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