Is Your Speakers Bureau Management Software Outdated?

5 signs it’s time to make a change

The introduction of online platforms into speaker program management has enabled medical communication agencies and life science professionals to keep up with the increasing regulations of pharmaceutical speakers bureaus while providing more efficient service to their customers. But if you find yourself working with speakers bureau management software that is poorly  designed, difficult to use, or requires additional platforms or programs to compensate for workflow inefficiencies, it may be time for an upgrade. Still not sure? Here are 5 clear signs it’s time for an upgrade. Read More »

Not a developer? Not a Problem. Try a Content Management System

A content management system puts your website in your control

Content Management SystemWhen your specialty is content development and program implementation, it makes sense that you might want to throw your hat in the ring and offer online meeting management solutions or speaker portals as an additional service to your clients. But agencies that specialize in content can sometimes feel restricted by the limited extent of their programming expertise. After all, it can be costly and time consuming to call your developer every time you need to update your website. Especially when information is updating daily — or hourly as it does in event management.

A content management system can help you overcome the challenges that are keeping you from expanding your service offerings. If programming is not your core competency, but content is, you may want to consider adding a content management system to your next website. Read More »

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