3 E-detailing Platforms Worth Looking Into


The word edetailing conjures visions of sales reps feverishly trying to find the right screen on their iPad while desperately making the most of the 5 minutes they have with the HCP that it took them 6 months to secure. But in recent years, the term edetailing has evolved to include any digital interaction that educates an HCP about your product. And with the recent green light from the FDA on social media, this means anything from Facebook ads to mobile apps.

In this blog entry, we’ll give you a brief overview of the different kinds of edetailing that have emerged over the past few years. Before we get started, it’s worth defining a few terms that get thrown around in any edetailing discussion.

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The Evolution of E-detailing & the Interactive Visaid

Interactive-Vis-AidsWhen multi-channel closed-loop marketing began to embed itself in pharmaceutical advertising, marketers were fascinated. And why not? It’s an amazing concept. Content is distributed through various channels to reach HCPs, patients, and consumers via their preferred communication method. This can include print, direct mail, web, e-mail, interactive visual aids, etc. Metrics are collected along the way. All the information is aggregated into a central database system. The data that’s provided back to marketing “closes the loop” on the entire sales process. By taking advantage of the latest innovations in e-detailing, companies can tell who’s using their product, who’s asking about it, and who’s prescribing it– along with how, when, where and why.

But somewhere along the way we got distracted by shiny objects. New hardware and technology, implementation challenges, and high development costs made us lose sight of what we were trying to accomplish. Tactics were inappropriately executed. Companies were measuring either the wrong metrics or none at all. A lack of education around big data stalled progress. The manpower and training necessary to implement a successful e-detailing program were too costly. In short– something so simple became too complicated.

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