Video Abstracts

Bring your abstract to life!

As life science associations and journal publications seek to increase their digital channels, we wanted to take a look at the value of video as a medium for abstracts. Are video abstracts helpful? Or are they just another way of using technology for technology’s sake?

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Using ePosters to Increase Your Reach

Why You Should Consider Submitting an Eposter to the Virtual Poster Hall at Your Next Congress

ePostersAn increasing number of life science associations are using eposters for digital scientific poster sessions. Eposter platforms increase the value of congresses for attendees, scientific poster presenters and the associations themselves.

There are countless eposter platforms on the market and associations are using them in different ways. Some associations are designating an onsite area at their congress for presenters to display their eposters on monitors. Other associations are using web-based platforms to archive the eposters in an online library that’s accessible to congress attendees and other key opinion leaders for up to one year or more.

Key features can include pan, zoom, keyword search, video or audio. Some eposter platforms are more robust with interactive features that enable presenters to engage with online visitors via email or chat. This affords presenters time and focus they may not have had during the live scientific poster sessions. So they can more effectively engage their audience and solicit feedback.

In most cases, submitting an eposter is as easy as converting the design files to a single-page, high-resolution PDF. When video and audio are offered, PowerPoint files are usually required. Be sure to get specifications from the association that is holding the congress prior to doing any design work. When dealing with strict congress deadlines and tight turnaround times you don’t want any surprises!

When contacting the association to confirm their eposter specifications, you (or your creative vendor) should ask the following questions:

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3 Ways to Optimize Interactive Scientific Poster Navigation


Navigation is critical to the success of any interactive tool. On average, a reader will spend about 5 minutes with your scientific poster. But if they can easily find everything they’re looking for, they’ll stay longer. Here are 3 ways to maximize the navigation on your next interactive scientific poster.

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Using ePosters to Increase the Reach of Your Scientific Poster

Important e-poster features to include

Interactive Scientific Posters

As a reliable provider of multimedia solutions, we use our 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry to develop innovative solutions that make our clients’ lives easier. When we started to observe the increasing demands on our clients’ time at healthcare conferences, we recognized the need for a time-saving solution that would free them up to work the room a little more.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that digital assets save time and money. So in 2008, we introduced interactive scientific posters as a new service offering. These digital versions of scientific posters are engaging, informative, and can be used as an enduring asset after the congress is over.

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Interactive Scientific Posters – Because Your Work Doesn’t End When the Congress Does

Make your scientific poster work harder for you

Interactive Scientific Posters

With months spent developing your scientific poster, why should your poster’s work end when the congress does? You have years of labor ahead of you to bring your product to market. Turn your scientific poster into an interactive tool that will continue to drive your brand’s initiatives long after the conference doors have closed. Read More »

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