Is Your Speakers Bureau Management Software Outdated?

5 signs it’s time to make a change

The introduction of online platforms into speaker program management has enabled medical communication agencies and life science professionals to keep up with the increasing regulations of pharmaceutical speakers bureaus while providing more efficient service to their customers. But if you find yourself working with speakers bureau management software that is poorly  designed, difficult to use, or requires additional platforms or programs to compensate for workflow inefficiencies, it may be time for an upgrade. Still not sure? Here are 5 clear signs it’s time for an upgrade. Read More »

Online Event Registration That Meets Your Budget

Responsive Online Event Registration That Fits Your Budget

Responsive Event Registration

You may not have the budget for responsive online event registration. But when 50% of your users are mobile, can you afford not to? Here are some strategic tactics you can use to create a responsive event registration website that fits your budget.

Responsive websites use media queries to determine what device a site is being viewed on. From there, sophisticated coding calls on different creative assets to accommodate the device’s screen size and tap into innate functionalities, like calendars or alarms. The coding and additional assets can drive up the cost of a responsive event registration website. But if you think mobile from the very beginning, you can maximize efficiencies to save time and money. Read More »

Mobilizing Your Event Registration Website

mobile-meeting-registrationAnyone who works in event management knows the importance of mobility. Event professionals are constantly in transit. They need unfailing access to their online resources. Mobilizing your event registration website ensures users access regardless of what device, web browser, or connection they’re using.

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Online Event Registration – Custom or Off-the-shelf?

If You Build It, They Will Come

Online Event Registration

Medical event planners must be agile and quick on their feet. When the moderator’s plane arrives late or your KOL’s microphone suddenly goes silent, the game plan can change at a moment’s notice. But the real heavy lifting comes before the first attendee ever even walks into the meeting room. Selecting program participants, navigating busy schedules, and negotiating travel accommodations can consume your whole day, taking focus away from content-creating and relationship-building. And with the Sunshine Act in place, there are more details than ever to track—and a simple reporting discrepancy can lead to a letter from the FDA or worse for your client. That’s where online event registration comes in.

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