In 2013, IMSHealth conducted a study of over 43,000 mobile apps. The study showed that more than 50% of available mobile apps were not even downloaded 500 times. And 5 apps accounted for 15% of all healthcare downloads. IMSHealth attributed this to the fact that most of these mobile apps had limited functionality and could not prove that they had any impact on healthcare outcomes.

Many of the healthcare apps today are guilty of providing more content than functionality. Creating a mobile app as a vehicle to deliver information about your product or promote your brand is a guaranteed fail. It falls under the category of “Creating an App for App’s Sake” and it’s a mobile app “No No”. Whether your mobile app is for HCPs, patients, or even your own internal sales force or speakers, create an app that solves a pain point. Helping your users overcome their day-to-day struggles makes your mobile app a daily necessity. This will earn you a high adoption rate and give you the greatest return on your investment.

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