Digital or Offset Printing? When it Comes to Short Run Printing, Is That the Question?

Our clients are forever asking us which is better – digital printing or offset? The answer often depends on what printer you ask.  That’s because most printers have a vested interest in the response. A valued print and production partner will tell you that you’re asking the wrong question. The question is not “which is better”, but “what is your objective”. Read More »

Is Print Still in the Mix?

Print vs. Digital

Print and Digital

Did you attend any digital conferences in 2013?

We’re sure you did. And We’re sure that every presenter was discussing the latest and greatest way to digitally connect with your audience. Its true- the possibilities of multimedia are endless. But digital is only one aspect of a successful multichannel marketing campaign. The other has been around for literally thousands of years.

That’s right, folks—print is here to stay. It’s not a matter of print vs digital. You should be using both channels cohesively to ensure that you are reaching every touch point in your marketing cycle. For instance, digital media gets a high reach, but it won’t help you when you meet a potential customer face-to-face. A well-designed print brochure will do the selling, freeing you up to spend those precious few minutes making a personal connection with your new customer.

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