QR Codes on Scientific Posters

iPhone-QR-CodeIn the hustled frenzy of the conference room floor, presenters are looking for a way to provide more information to attendees while attendees are looking for ways to get to their next destinations faster. Enter the QR code. Simply point and click any smartphone with a QR reader app and scientific posters, slide presentations, and valuable contact information all download directly to your smartphone.

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QR Codes – Bridging the Gap Between Print and Digital

Great technology, but what do you do with it?

iPhone-QR-CodeBy now, we’ve all seen them; those little black-and-white squares on print ads, posters or magazine covers. With a quick snap using a QR (Quick Response) reader app on your smartphone or tablet, a QR code will take you pretty much anywhere.

Unfortunately, they’ve also gotten a bad rap over the past few years, damaged by the same implementation mistakes that scar many new marketing tools—overuse, misguided implementation and lack of “WIIFM” for the end user.

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