Is Your Speakers Bureau Management Software Outdated?

5 signs it’s time to make a change

The introduction of online platforms into speaker program management has enabled medical communication agencies and life science professionals to keep up with the increasing regulations of pharmaceutical speakers bureaus while providing more efficient service to their customers. But if you find yourself working with speakers bureau management software that is poorly  designed, difficult to use, or requires additional platforms or programs to compensate for workflow inefficiencies, it may be time for an upgrade. Still not sure? Here are 5 clear signs it’s time for an upgrade. Read More »

Custom Speaker Bureau Management Software

Using a requirements document to maintain compliance

Speaker bureau management software helps streamline program management for agencies who manage life science speaker bureaus. It serves as one centralized repository for administrators, sales reps and speakers. And they can access it any time for real-time data and status information. A platform that tracks aggregate spend, budget allocations, speaker honoraria limits, and speaker contact information helps everyone stay within compliance.

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BYOD in eLearning

Good User Experience Starts With Device

DevicesIf you’re seeing low completion rates and underwhelming post-test scores, you may be considering a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy in your eLearning strategy. There is no doubt that BYOD in eLearning results in higher engagement. When your users are personally familiar with the hardware, they can work faster, more efficiently, and with less training. And you shed the time constraints of having to complete eLearning in the office or navigate VPN access issues at home.

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3 Ideas for Fun and Effective eLearning

laptop_eLearningPeople learn by hearing, understanding, repeating, and doing. These are easy interactions to have in a classroom setting…but how do you provide the same interactive experience to your online learners? Here are 3 ways to overcome eLearning obstacles with simulations, games, quizzes and animation.

Make your eLearning personal

Many sales reps use a popular tool called the DiSC profile. It’s a method of profiling your customers that helps understand the psychology behind their buying decisions.  When applied to eLearning, this approach can be just as effective. Try implementing a short survey at the beginning of your eLearning module. Assign segmented modules to your learners based on the outcome of the survey. Making your eLearning personal increases the odds of retention.

Make it fun

A 60-question quiz at the end of a 2-hour eLearning module probably isn’t the most effective method of encouraging recall. In fact, you’re more likely to overwhelm your users with such a daunting task. Try a incorporating a quiz, survey, drag-and-drops, or other interactive assessments at the end of each module to help engage users.

Encourage competition

Nothing motivates a sales person more than competition. But even more than motivation, competition fosters decision-making skills, accurate recall and retention. Try adding a points system to your eLearning module. Show your learners a scoreboard of the entire sales team’s progress. This will motivate your learners – not only to participate in your eLearning  – but to perform.

eLearning is not about checking a compliance item off your audit list. No matter what the topic, it’s still an interaction with your employees, customers, sales reps, etc. Your learners should always walk away feeling like they’ve received something in exchange for their valuable time. So make your eLearning exciting, effective, and fun.

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Maximizing eLearning UX

What was old is new again


There’s no question that e-learning requires a specific expertise. Regulatory requirements and SCORM standards make it a complicated world to navigate. But standard web design principles still apply. If you want your e-learning to get results, it needs to be user-friendly, device agnostic, and engaging.

There are two software platforms that can help you attain these goals. Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline. Both companies have just launched updates. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new and how they stack up.

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Is Your Healthcare Video Multitasking?

How to increase your video reach

video-in-monitorHealthcare videos are a vital tool in pharmaceutical marketing. They are a great way to show your audience why you do what you do. But if they’re not seen by the right people, then you won’t have much success. Unfortunately, the strict regulations of the pharmaceutical healthcare industry can make distribution a challenge. Here are a few tools that will increase your reach while maintaining compliance.

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5 Tips for a Stress-free Webinar

woman-stressed-at-her-computerThe key to successful web-based KOL portal or online speaker program is a good webinar platform. But webinars can be a challenge — no matter how much experience you have. While websites and mobile apps are 100% within your control, a webinar calls on many moving parts that can be 100% out of your control. Sometimes it feels like lightning can strike at any time. Audio functionality, password management issues, compatibility challenges and crashing presentations are all out of your control but still your responsibility to fix as a vendor.

While webinars can certainly be unpredictable, here are some things you can do to better control the environment

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E-learning in The Healthcare World

banner_graphic_speakerTrainingThe healthcare and pharmaceutical sector is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world. Employees of all levels including: manufacturing, sales, corporate marketing, and clinical trials require stringent training and constant ongoing evaluation. This can become cumbersome…for the learner and the administrator! E-learning has become an invaluable tool in maintaining regulatory compliance. The use of audio, video, animation, and gamification makes training fun, engaging, and – above all – effective. An on-demand learning environment is convenient for the learner and cost-effective for the administrator.

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Engage Your KOL and Speaker Community with Web-based Speaker Portals

Can they save our KOL relationships?

Speaker-PortalHealthcare laws have been changing drastically over the past two years. Healthcare professionals fear that they’ll see a rapid decline in KOL program participation. Strict regulations on contracting and reimbursement along with mandated public disclosure could increase KOL’s hesitation in accepting speaking engagements. A cap on annual remuneration is increasing competition among healthcare companies to secure nationally recognized KOLs. Speaker programs and advisory boards are a vital part of understanding disease landscape. Healthcare companies are doing everything they can to rapidly adapt to the evolving environment.

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