How to Use Pre-program Surveys to Deliver a Better Program Experience

surveys-blogOf course you know what you’re getting out of your next speaker program. But what’s in it for your attendees? Why not ask them what they think? Surveys aren’t just a great strategy for post-program evaluation. They can be used to create more interesting breakout sessions, optimize presentation content and select better speakers.

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The Key to Engaging Event Surveys

surveys-blogWhen it comes to implementing programs that get results, collaboration and feedback are critical. In the life sciences industry, we often use surveys and polling to collect that real-world insight. But a poorly executed survey can cost you valuable relationships with key opinion leaders, speakers, program attendees or customers.

So how do you create an expert survey? First and foremost, your most important objective is to capture clear actionable results. You’ll achieve this if you engage your audience and use a reliable platform that allows you to accurately capture data and quantify it in a format that can be easily analyzed and shared with your decision-making team.

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