2016 Website Development Trends

Functionality Meets Design

website development

For the past few years, website development has been focused on functionality and compatibility to accommodate the ever-growing number of mobile devices flooding the market. But now that mobile has leveled out, website development has shifted focus from functionality to user experience.
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How to Communicate With Your Web Development Agency

Simple Steps to Work Better Together

checkinPoor communication can be the downfall of any project. And yet, while most clients spend a painstaking amount of time negotiating deadlines and budgets, they neglect to establish communication standards with their web development agencies before beginning a project. Are you setting clear expectations with your agency partners? Read More »

Whitespace in Web Design

Creating a Better User Experience

Whitespace in web designIn web design, whitespace refers to the empty space around text, columns and images. This standard web design technique adds composition to web pages.

When we design websites for our clients, we rely heavily on whitespace for clean, uncluttered designs. Especially when developing complex event registration websites or Speaker/KOL portals where user experience has a huge influence on the outcome of the site.
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Online Event Registration That Meets Your Budget

Responsive Online Event Registration That Fits Your Budget

Responsive Event Registration

You may not have the budget for responsive online event registration. But when 50% of your users are mobile, can you afford not to? Here are some strategic tactics you can use to create a responsive event registration website that fits your budget.

Responsive websites use media queries to determine what device a site is being viewed on. From there, sophisticated coding calls on different creative assets to accommodate the device’s screen size and tap into innate functionalities, like calendars or alarms. The coding and additional assets can drive up the cost of a responsive event registration website. But if you think mobile from the very beginning, you can maximize efficiencies to save time and money. Read More »

How to Set up a Google Analytics Report

What Metrics Should You Be Tracking?

Google Analytics ReportGoogle Analytics is often thought of as a sales tool used to measure conversion. But Google Analytics can be used to track any aspect of your website or mobile app from content performance to technology. Here are some key components of a comprehensive Google Analytics report. Visit the Reporting tab of your Google Analytics dashboard to find these metrics.

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Thinking About Creating A Website? Start Here

You'll need to know a thing or two about the website design comp

website-compMany would say the most critical aspect of website development is the programming. However, we feel the website design comp deserves equal attention. The website design comp is the blueprint of your website. It’s mission critical to get it approved before any programming begins. Otherwise, it can impact cost and timing.

When it comes to the review of the website design comp, we recommend following a clearly documented process. You can streamline this process, by breaking it into the following parts:

  • Clearly identify your objectives at the onset of the project

  • Include the right reviewers

  • Use a documented process for collecting feedback and communicating it to your web partner

  • Establish clear timing expectations

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Mobilizing Your Event Registration Website

mobile-meeting-registrationAnyone who works in event management knows the importance of mobility. Event professionals are constantly in transit. They need unfailing access to their online resources. Mobilizing your event registration website ensures users access regardless of what device, web browser, or connection they’re using.

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Web Design vs. Graphic Design

What are the differences?

webDesignVSgraphicDesignCreative MediaWorks is a full-service graphics and multimedia provider. We provide concise digital design and expert programming services. However, as an agency partner, we need to be flexible in the way we work. Our clients’ requests range from ground up design and programming to just programming and implementation. We have clients who prefer to use their graphics departments for the design phase of their web projects. Why not? Their designers are most familiar with their creative standards and guidelines. We’re happy to work this way. But it’s important to understand the differences between digital and graphic design. If you’re a graphic designer who spans both print and digital mediums, here are some things to keep in mind.

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A Closer Look at Responsive Web Design

CSS and Media Queries


A few weeks ago, we published a blog entry about responsive web design. If you missed it, click here to get caught up. Of course there’s so much to talk about when it comes to web development’s definitive answer to device-agnostic programming! We couldn’t fit it all in one blog entry. Today’s entry dives a little deeper into CSS and Media Queries- the backbone of responsive programming.

Most people equate mobile development with HTML5. But CSS and media queries are what makes mobile development the efficiency powerhouse it is today. HTML was never intended to be used to recognize different aspects of a document like headers, footers, or paragraphs. When tags and color attributes were added to the HTML 3.2 specification, the programming process became unwieldy.

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Engage Your KOL and Speaker Community with Web-based Speaker Portals

Can they save our KOL relationships?

Speaker-PortalHealthcare laws have been changing drastically over the past two years. Healthcare professionals fear that they’ll see a rapid decline in KOL program participation. Strict regulations on contracting and reimbursement along with mandated public disclosure could increase KOL’s hesitation in accepting speaking engagements. A cap on annual remuneration is increasing competition among healthcare companies to secure nationally recognized KOLs. Speaker programs and advisory boards are a vital part of understanding disease landscape. Healthcare companies are doing everything they can to rapidly adapt to the evolving environment.

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