Maximizing eLearning UX


There’s no question that e-learning requires a specific expertise. Regulatory requirements and SCORM standards make it a complicated world to navigate. But standard web design principles still apply. If you want your e-learning to get results, it needs to be user-friendly, device agnostic, and engaging.

There are two software platforms that can help you attain these goals. Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline. Both companies have just launched updates. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new and how they stack up.


Adobe’s most recent launch of Captivate 8 centers on responsive design and HTML publishing. Modules can be programmed to tap into native tools, creating a seamless interaction between content and device. Adobe has created an assortment of responsive design templates for developers to choose from. So your next e-learning module can be responsive…even if you’re not a responsive design expert. Other features in the update include:

  • Geo-location support (GPS)

  • Device-aware content

  • Gesture support (Pinch, tap, zoom, etc.)

  • Native HTML objects


Articulate is known for user-friendliness. With the launch of Storyline 2, it’s obvious that they intend to keep it that way. The software is streamlined for users of any skill level. In Articulate’s words, it’s simple enough for beginners and powerful enough for experts. Articulate has enhanced their user interface with a customizable workspace and a text editor that makes it easy to import custom spacing and fonts. As a time saver, users can import old Storyline 1 files, as well as Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel files for fast and efficient integration. Articulate was careful not to update the look and feel of the UI, so no additional training is necessary to use the latest version.

Interactivity and Animation

Articulate’s Storyline 2 provides the ablity to create screen capture animations. Users can record a screen once and the software automatically segments it into a step-by-step tutorial. The program also offers a wide variety of avatars that can be used to enhance interactivity. Articulate has added 20 new entrance and exit animations and 11 new transitions. Captivate 8 – on the other hand – has taken the social route, offering the convenience of in-course YouTube viewing, web-browsing, and social media engagement (with a Twitter Widget).

Final Thoughts

While Captivate 8 is a robust platform with all the modern bells and whistles, there is a learning curve. A developer has to have a few years of experience under their belt to really call themselves an expert. Articulate Storyline 2 is made for use by novices and experts alike. Updates to the dashboard are made without much impact to the user interface, so current users can take advantage of the updates without additional training.

Of course we have to remind you – software is just software and it can’t drive anywhere without an experienced professional behind the wheel. Creative MediaWorks specializes in web solutions specific to the healthcare and scientific communications community with extensive experience designing and programming e-learning solutions. If you would like to learn more about any of the ideas we’ve discussed in this blog, call us today at (800)737-1123 or email us to speak with our Web Manager at

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