3 Ideas for Fun and Effective eLearning

laptop_eLearningPeople learn by hearing, understanding, repeating, and doing. These are easy interactions to have in a classroom setting…but how do you provide the same interactive experience to your online learners? Here are 3 ways to overcome eLearning obstacles with simulations, games, quizzes and animation.

Make your eLearning personal

Many sales reps use a popular tool called the DiSC profile. It’s a method of profiling your customers that helps understand the psychology behind their buying decisions.  When applied to eLearning, this approach can be just as effective. Try implementing a short survey at the beginning of your eLearning module. Assign segmented modules to your learners based on the outcome of the survey. Making your eLearning personal increases the odds of retention.

Make it fun

A 60-question quiz at the end of a 2-hour eLearning module probably isn’t the most effective method of encouraging recall. In fact, you’re more likely to overwhelm your users with such a daunting task. Try a incorporating a quiz, survey, drag-and-drops, or other interactive assessments at the end of each module to help engage users.

Encourage competition

Nothing motivates a sales person more than competition. But even more than motivation, competition fosters decision-making skills, accurate recall and retention. Try adding a points system to your eLearning module. Show your learners a scoreboard of the entire sales team’s progress. This will motivate your learners – not only to participate in your eLearning  – but to perform.

eLearning is not about checking a compliance item off your audit list. No matter what the topic, it’s still an interaction with your employees, customers, sales reps, etc. Your learners should always walk away feeling like they’ve received something in exchange for their valuable time. So make your eLearning exciting, effective, and fun.

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