Mobilizing Your Event Registration Website

mobile-meeting-registrationAnyone who works in event management knows the importance of mobility. Event professionals are constantly in transit. They need unfailing access to their online resources. Mobilizing your event registration website ensures users access regardless of what device, web browser, or connection they’re using.

Submitting forms, participating in webinars, and viewing slide presentations are all key elements of an effective event registration website. Users also need to be able to add or remove events from their calendar and send/receive confirmation, reminder, and thank you emails. So how do you incorporate all of these tricky elements into a mobile site that will behave consistently across all web browsers and devices? Here are a few ways to give your event registration website the mobility it needs.

Design responsively

Responsive design ensures that your site is being viewed consistently across your entire audience. Thanks to CSS and Media Queries, content and media will orient itself to the size of the screen they are being viewed on and will resize accordingly. We’ve discussed responsive design many times on this blog. We’re big fans! If you need a responsive design refresher, click here to read our past blog entries on the topic.

Prioritize your content

Too much content = longer load times. Nobody has time for that. Remove the fluff. Your users know why they’re on your website. Don’t waste their time with background copy or explanations. Once you’ve pared down, try to refine the necessary content into succinct bullet points. Design your navigation links and buttons to ensure that the most accessed menu items are displayed first.

Consider a Native App

The benefit of a native app is that it can be accessed through a data connection when there’s no Wi-Fi connection available. In event planning, this is crucial, because a Wi-Fi connection is often not available. And users are likely to be accessing the site in the unlikeliest of places, like trains, buses, or restaurant lobbies. It always helps to have an app that allows access anywhere, anytime.

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