How to Set up a Google Analytics Report

Google Analytics ReportGoogle Analytics is often thought of as a sales tool used to measure conversion. But Google Analytics can be used to track any aspect of your website or mobile app from content performance to technology. Here are some key components of a comprehensive Google Analytics report. Visit the Reporting tab of your Google Analytics dashboard to find these metrics.

Content Performance

The content metrics in your Google Analytics report are used to track significant interactions like page views, time-on-page and bounce rate. They can be accessed by clicking Behavior then Site Content.

  • All Pages – pages visited most. Increase conversion by placing a Call-to-Action (CTA) on these pages

  • Landing Pages – pages used to enter a website. Play up these pages for search engine optimization

  • Exit Pages – the last pages visited before leaving a website. Improve these pages to increase session duration


Browser compatibility and responsive design are critical to user experience and site adoption. The Technology menu under Audience provide a real-world snapshot your users’ technology.

  • Browsers – click on Technology, then Browser

  • Screens (desktops, mobile devices and tablets) – click on Mobile, then Overview

  • Devices (device, manufacturer and version) – click on Device

Goal Tracking

Conversion refers to the completion of an event. Google Analytics calls these events “Goals”. To track a specific goal, you’ll need a unique webpage that’s specific to its completion. For example, to track the number of evaluation forms submitted on your event registration website, you’ll need a webpage that indicates the form has been submitted, like a pop up thanking the user for their feedback. Once the user clicks submit and that page pops up, the interaction becomes a goal conversion.

For step-by-step instructions to set up a goal, click here.

Google Analytics provides invaluable insights you can use to maintain a relevant, user-friendly website. Not a developer? Use a professional to get you started. Once your dashboard is set up and your tracking codes are in place, you’ll be able to run and analyze reports on your own like a pro!

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