QR Codes on Scientific Posters

iPhone-QR-CodeIn the hustled frenzy of the conference room floor, presenters are looking for a way to provide more information to attendees while attendees are looking for ways to get to their next destinations faster. Enter the QR code. Simply point and click any smartphone with a QR reader app and scientific posters, slide presentations, and valuable contact information all download directly to your smartphone.

We’ve spoken about QR codes before. Click here to learn the basics of implementation. The benefit to presenters is that they can now leverage digital methods to provide unlimited information. And the attendees can view that valuable information at their own leisure when they have time to truly absorb the content. Or it can be easily shared with their colleagues back at the office. Here are a few smart ways that we’ve seen the QR code used at recent conferences.

Scientific Posters

Of course an excellent alternative to printed handouts is a QR code that links to a digital version of your poster instead. This digital asset can be as simple as a static PDF or as robust as an interactive scientific poster with dynamic links, video, animation, and voice-over narration. You can even go one step further and create a scientific poster library that archives an unlimited number of posters and provides additional resources to your audience members like reprints, dynamic charts and graphs that show the most up-to-date data, or links to supporting websites.

Want to provide your audience with something more than your research poster? Connect your QR code to an animated video that demonstrates an MOA or a complex product delivery method. Just be sure to let your audience know where the QR code will lead them. Most will assume it’s a link to a static handout. So you will want to mention it – either in your presentation – or with a descriptive tagline near the QR code.

Lead Generation and Contact Building

QR codes are a perfect tool for collecting leads and capturing contact information. Gone are the days of lost business cards or bulky promotional packets and brochures. In fact, in many cases, efforts to streamline the communication process are starting with the conferences sponsors themselves. They are printing QR codes on the back of the conference name badges. When attendees want to exchange contact information, they simply flip over their name badges for scanning.

Speaker Program Materials

Most participants are attending your speaker program or advisory board to engage with other KOLs and hear about the latest innovations in their field. More often than not, they are more focused on getting their opinion heard than they are on collecting a stack of papers to bring back to their hotel room. Place a QR code on your welcome packets, agenda, or table tents so participants can download your PowerPoint presentation, videos, or links to your product website. Better yet, link them to a robust event registration website that includes participant contact information, references, and other additional resources that support your program.

Parting Thoughts

We admit, QR codes have not really taken off as the marketing tool of the century. In most cases, they come off as technology for technology’s sake. But they are doing all the heavy lifting at healthcare congresses and speaker programs. They just make sense when presenters have 5 minutes to download hundreds of audience members on 10 years of research.

If you’re ready to implement a QR code strategy on your next project, but you aren’t sure how to get started, give us a call. Creative MediaWorks has decades of experience implementing innovative multimedia solutions for our healthcare clients. We’ll guide you through the process and help you determine exactly the right location, payoff and implementation to meet your goals. Call us at (800) 737-1123 or send us an email at info@creativemediaworks.com to discuss your next project with our Multimedia manager.