3 Ways to Optimize Interactive Scientific Poster Navigation


Navigation is critical to the success of any interactive tool. On average, a reader will spend about 5 minutes with your scientific poster. But if they can easily find everything they’re looking for, they’ll stay longer. Here are 3 ways to maximize the navigation on your next interactive scientific poster.

 Make navigation intuitive

We all know clicking the logo on a webpage will take us back to home. These small intuitions make a big difference in user experience. Basing your navigation on webpages and devices your readers use every day – like their smartphones or tablets – makes it easier for them to interact with your content. These days, users expect to swipe, tap, pinch and zoom their way through everything. Since space is limited in an interactive scientific poster, you should use these motions to your advantage. Don’t clutter your landscape with arrows and magnifying glasses. Save that space for your content.

 Avoid too many choices

Try to streamline your tools to 3 or 4. Too many options may confuse your users and can cloud the experience. The top tools your users are likely to look for in an interactive scientific poster will be zoom, keyword search and links to access additional resources.

 Add a Table of Contents

In an interactive scientific poster, links can get lost in the expanse of scientific content. Providing your users an easy way to find additional resources will maximize the value of your poster and make it less frustrating for your user.

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