Keys to Success: FedEx (Deadline) Shipping Tips

Hello! CMW again, checking in with another tip sheet. As you know, during our 30 years of experience, we have endured trial and error, figuring out what and what not to do – so it’s only fair that we share with you some of what we’ve learned. Today, we pull from that pool with information on FedEx shipping.

Have you ever gotten a birthday card two months after your actual birthday? It’s…appreciated –but it doesn’t quite cut it. Now up the stakes. Deadline maintenance is one of the most important aspects of our service. And when it comes to shipping, that can get very stressful. Timelines, human error and delays, unexpected costs. Best case scenario, you’re worried over nothing but you’ve still got a headache. Worst case scenario, a deadline’s actually missed. Not only is it aggravating – it’s a poor reflection on your company too. Unprofessionalism and missed deadlines won’t be a hassle if you know your stuff. That’s where we can help!

You can avoid a mentally and financially taxing shipping situation by having all the information. Meet your deadlines with minimal stress or concern with these best practices for timeline and package preparation on our FedEx Shipping Tip Sheet.