Putting Your Meeting Signage to Work

Putting Your Meeting Signage to WorkIf you ask us, signage and directionals are an integral component of your speaker program. After a long day on the conference floor, your attendees are rushed, tired and-more often than not- a little lost. Your out-of-the-box thinking can mean the difference between a rushed, late, and frustrated attendee and one that is impressed, refreshed and ready to contribute. Here’s how you can use signage and directionals to set the stage for your next program.

Make your meeting signage work for you

To create effective meeting signage, you need to know your venue. The ideal scenario is to visit the venue ahead of time to design your strategy. But most times this is just not an option due to distance or timing. You can do just as well with a detailed map and a direct line to your meeting contact for questions. Keep your eye out for creative opportunities – balconies, pillars and other architectural features of the venue can set the stage for innovation. Use color, size, and material to your advantage.

Be sure to ask the following questions to get your creative juices going:

  • Where is the venue in relation to the conference center and how long does it take to get from one to the other?

  • Where is your meeting room in relation to the entrance or entrances?

  • What obstacles- or as we like to call them opportunities- exist that can be resolved with signage: multiple levels, elevators, winding, corners, etc.?

  • How many other programs and signs will you be competing with for floor space?


A few meeting signage ideas to get you started

  • Floor Graphics guide attendees to the room in an interesting way

  • Cling or adhesive posters on the inside of the elevator doors that say “Next floor for stimulating thought leadership!”

  • Columns, Pillars wrapped with your logo or meeting information is sure to catch the attention of your attendees


Are your ideas bigger than your budget?

Think re-usability. The perception about re-usable signage is that it gets used and abused, looks inexpensive and just doesn’t stand up. But there are unlimited options for durable materials that can be used over and over again. Here are 3 materials that we’re fond of right now:

  • Sintra – light-weight, durable pvc material, can be custom cut for unique signage that captures one’s attention.

  • Banner stands – Roll ups or Tension – Great way to display your message and they easily reusable from meeting to meeting whether your graphics change or not.

  • Cling Signs – To the windows, to the walls – signage throughout the halls. This material is great when needing to adhere to meeting room walls or doors. Perhaps overlay your message in an existing picture frame or mirror.

Parting Thoughts

Signage is an exciting, creative tool for engagement. It establishes a relationship with your attendees without even shaking one hand. But if your signage blends in with everyone else’s, then you aren’t going to make much of an impression. Partner with a vendor that’s creative, experienced, cost-effective, and proactive. Creative MediaWorks has been designing and printing meeting signage for 25 years. We use eco-friendly wide-format printers that yield quality products with speed and accuracy. Contact us today to learn more!