Online Event Registration That Meets Your Budget

Responsive Event Registration

You may not have the budget for responsive online event registration. But when 50% of your users are mobile, can you afford not to? Here are some strategic tactics you can use to create a responsive event registration website that fits your budget.

Responsive websites use media queries to determine what device a site is being viewed on. From there, sophisticated coding calls on different creative assets to accommodate the device’s screen size and tap into innate functionalities, like calendars or alarms. The coding and additional assets can drive up the cost of a responsive event registration website. But if you think mobile from the very beginning, you can maximize efficiencies to save time and money.

Plan online event registration with mobile in mind

You don’t want to be redesigning charts or developing new screens at the 11th hour.  We understand you’ll discover a few missing items during beta testing. That’s what beta testing is for. But if you consult your sales reps and KOLs before you develop your content, you’ll start with a better understanding of how they’ll be using your online event registration website. So you don’t invest in unnecessary features or content. Bringing your users into the process early on helps you work more efficiently. And it supports adoption as well!


Identify important features up front and focus your time and energy there. Determine what information you absolutely need for registration and what you can collect later on. Only use content that’s absolutely necessary. Don’t use any fluff content. Try to stick to succinct bullet points and use shorter web forms. These tactics will save screen space and simplify design and programming.

Use the right person for the job

Using in-house graphic design resources to develop your creative assets may help maintain branding standards, but it often leads to duplication of efforts once programming starts. A web designer who specializes in responsive web design will outline all the necessary assets before they start programming. This helps them identify opportunities to reuse or re-purpose assets up front to save time. They’ll steer you away from unnecessary features that might not fit in your budget. Their familiarity with the nuances of web design means assets only need to be developed once with no wasted code or graphics.

With strategic planning and the right resources, you can create a responsive online event registration website that fits your budget. You’ll find it’s worth it to reach 100% of your target audience with a website that works the same for all of your users.

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