An Introduction to Responsive Email Design

responsive-emailGreat email content can only get you so far without smart design and good programming. 80% of readers delete emails that don’t function properly on their mobile devices. 30% of those people will unsubscribe to those email campaigns altogether. And that’s before they’ve even read one word.

Responsive web design is quickly gaining popularity throughout the web community as a design technique that ensures a consistent website experience on any device. But did you know responsive design can be used to optimize emails as well?

How does it work?

Responsive email design uses fluid images, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and media queries to accommodate varying screen sizes and devices. The optimal user experience means higher click-through rates and better email performance overall.

 Many people think responsive design is device specific. But it actually hinges on the app that’s being used to view the email. Unfortunately, not all email apps support responsive email design. Surprisingly – the Gmail apps for Android and iPhone are among that list. And so is Outlook mobile.

How do you know if responsive email design is the right strategy?

The most important component in email marketing is your analytics. You should be using them to see who’s interacting with your emails. The platform you use should allow you to track your mobile open rate, as well as what apps your subscribers are using to view your emails on their mobile devices.

 Once you know who you’re designing for, you can use responsive email design to ensure that each and every subscriber has a consistent and positive experience with your emails.

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