Interactive Scientific Posters – Because Your Work Doesn’t End When the Congress Does

Interactive Scientific Posters

With months spent developing your scientific poster, why should your poster’s work end when the congress does? You have years of labor ahead of you to bring your product to market. Turn your scientific poster into an interactive tool that will continue to drive your brand’s initiatives long after the conference doors have closed.

How is an interactive scientific poster different than a handout?

One-on-one face time is rapidly disappearing from the congress scene. It seems the only place to go is mobile. Re-purposing your scientific poster into a digital asset provides your audience with a mobile tool that they can use to learn about your product in a more convenient way. Pan, zoom, and advanced search functionality allows users to zero in on specific areas of interest. Voice-over narration more than doubles the information provided within the copy of the scientific poster. Links to external resources, such as references or physician videos create endless opportunities to educate your colleagues and stakeholders. Increase the impact of just one element of your pre-launch campaign without investing in new content.

The interactive scientific poster can also be used as an interactive presentation tool. At a time when presenters are trying to think outside the PowerPoint presentation box, this can be a great alternative to the typical one-way presentation. Pan and zoom in on different content to accentuate talking points, while engaging and exciting the audience.

Interactive Scientific Posters tips and tricks

Design with your audience in mind. Their offices are mobile. On the train, at the hotel, or in the restaurant lobby, a web-based scientific poster library can be accessed anywhere…anytime. And responsive web design ensures it can be viewed on any mobile device or desktop computer. All files can be locked to adhere to compliance standards. And you can assign different viewing privileges to different users based on their status.

Think differently when it comes to distribution. While paper handouts are likely to end up on the busy conference center floor, an interactive scientific poster can be distributed in a way that’s convenient to the audience. Placing a QR code directly on the poster allows viewers to download the website to view at their own leisure or use SMS (Short Message Service) to text the website address directly to their phones. They can further examine your data in the comfort of their hotel room, far away from the busy bustle of conference activities.

Parting thoughts

When you’re presenting at a congress, you are speaking to the key decision-makers that influence your product. And so are your competitors. You need to think outside of the box to put your content at the head of the pile. Don’t just give them another piece of paper to shove in their bag. Engage them with a fulfilling, interactive experience that is guaranteed to give you the cutting-edge advantage.

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