The Key to Engaging Event Surveys

surveys-blogWhen it comes to implementing programs that get results, collaboration and feedback are critical. In the life sciences industry, we often use surveys and polling to collect that real-world insight. But a poorly executed survey can cost you valuable relationships with key opinion leaders, speakers, program attendees or customers.

So how do you create an expert survey? First and foremost, your most important objective is to capture clear actionable results. You’ll achieve this if you engage your audience and use a reliable platform that allows you to accurately capture data and quantify it in a format that can be easily analyzed and shared with your decision-making team.

The Power of Perception

A high completion rate means a larger sample audience. And a larger sample audience means more accurate results. When it comes to surveys, your audience needs to perceive that their feedback is valued. Here are some ways to show them you’re not wasting their time:

  • Be respectful. Before you do anything, thank your audience for their participation. Then let them know – up front – how long the survey will take and how their feedback will be used.

  • Include a comment box in your survey. This gives the user the sense that they are being heard. They may even think of something you haven’t.

  • Don’t be overwhelming. Too many questions or too much content can force your audience to quit. Determine your direction then use the least amount of words it takes to get you there.

Simple but Impactful Design

If you have survey that’s clean and uncluttered then congratulations – you get to use an image! But don’t go overboard. You don’t want to divert focus away from your form. You just want to generate enough intrigue to motivate your audience to complete your survey.

Here are some ways to express your brand and achieve engagement without diminishing your survey results:

  • Accessibility is the key to completion. Optimize your survey with responsive design and your users can complete your survey any time from any device

  • Stick to one image. Remember – the form is the star, not the design

  • Keep scrolling and page jumping to a minimum. Any complexity in your survey is guaranteed to cost you users

A successful survey requires strategy and a reliable platform. There are many survey platforms out there with design and question templates. However, you may find a custom solution more valuable. Customization can help you strike the right balance between your branding guidelines and your program objectives.

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