Engage Your KOL and Speaker Community with Web-based Speaker Portals

Speaker-PortalHealthcare laws have been changing drastically over the past two years. Healthcare professionals fear that they’ll see a rapid decline in KOL program participation. Strict regulations on contracting and reimbursement along with mandated public disclosure could increase KOL’s hesitation in accepting speaking engagements. A cap on annual remuneration is increasing competition among healthcare companies to secure nationally recognized KOLs. Speaker programs and advisory boards are a vital part of understanding disease landscape. Healthcare companies are doing everything they can to rapidly adapt to the evolving environment.

Of course, nothing makes adaptation easier than digital innovation. KOL web-based speaker portals and on-demand webinars have helped healthcare companies cut costs while still meeting their regulatory requirements. Digital tools that streamline the communication process minimize the time you need from your KOLs to make your speaker programs a success.

What makes digital the answer?

Digital meeting resources substantially lower costs. KOL speakers can log on directly from their home or offices to participate. Hospitality and travel expenses are removed from the equation, driving reimbursement fees way down. KOL Speaker portals allow speakers to access presentation sessions and additional intellectual resources long after the live program has come to a close. They can review comments or questions made during the sessions and follow up with other speakers and participants for further discussion.

Hare some useful suggestions that will help you maximize the benefits of your KOL speaker portal.

Provide unlimited resources

Additional assets are invaluable when it comes to keeping your KOLs up-to-date. Provide these resources through one easy-to-access web portal for one-stop shopping.

  • Archived speaker sessions with video, audio, and commenting functionality allow users to replay sessions and review comments or questions for further evaluation

  • Downloadable assets, such as: product education information, scientific literature, and journal article reprints support your KOL speakers with additional education and resources. (All assets can be locked to avoid editing or recirculation.)

  • Event calendars, KOL mapping, and speaker profiles make it easier for your KOL speakers to connect and interact with each other

Make it easy to use

A web-based portal is accessible anywhere, anytime an internet connection is available.

  • Mobile-friendly assets mean that useful resources can be viewed on any device- computer, tablet, or smartphone. Responsive web design optimizes the experience for every user

  • User rights and permissions mean that one system can be used by everyone–KOL speakers, sales reps and MSLs

  • Easy access to approved contacts makes interacting easy. All communications can be captured by the system. Strict user permissions determine who has access

  • Search functionality allows users to cut to the chase. They can bypass irrelevant web pages and search by topic, session date, speaker, etc. to immediately get where they need to be

Maximize the platform’s potential

With a digital portal, the possibilities are endless in terms of the features you can add. And if you decide to go with a custom platform, you can add and delete features as you gauge their effectiveness.

  • Surveys and questionnaires can be incorporated into the speaker program to poll the audience, minimizing the time needed for Q&A and making sessions more interactive for the user

  • E-learning modules can be built directly into the platform. When you update or add new content, users can be trained right from the program that they use to give their presentation

  • Interactive Slide Libraries allow users to access a library of approved slides to develop their own presentations

  • Tracking and metrics allow you to measure and evaluate your program to determine its effectiveness. Find out who’s accessing the system, who’s using what resources, and how often

Parting thoughts

Face time is a vital component of any speaker program. It’s true video, audio, and instant messaging allow for real-time interaction, but it’s hard to compete with the intimacy of a personal discussion among KOLs. But increasing compliance and regulatory challenges need to be addressed and a digital solution does just that. It saves money, streamlines communication, and provides full control over content and compliance. As an additional benefit, you get tools for tangible tracking and metrics that you won’t get with a live meeting.

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