5 Tips for a Stress-free Webinar

woman-stressed-at-her-computerThe key to successful web-based KOL portal or online speaker program is a good webinar platform. But webinars can be a challenge — no matter how much experience you have. While websites and mobile apps are 100% within your control, a webinar calls on many moving parts that can be 100% out of your control. Sometimes it feels like lightning can strike at any time. Audio functionality, password management issues, compatibility challenges and crashing presentations are all out of your control but still your responsibility to fix as a vendor.

While webinars can certainly be unpredictable, here are some things you can do to better control the environment

  • Choose a platform you can trust. Nothing is worse than your vendor failing on their end and you having to absorb the consequences from your client. If you are not familiar with the best webinar and audio vendors in your area, get recommendations from your coworkers or your colleagues on LinkedIn.

  • Schedule a 15-minute “pre-session” with the program attendees prior to the conference. They can log into the webinar platform to make sure everything is functioning, and you can walk them through the features of the platform.

  • Use a moderator who is familiar with the platform you are using so they can navigate potential issues that might be common with the platform. Many platform services can provide a moderator. If you want to use your own, schedule a training session and walk them through potential pain points.

  • Keep your presentation simple. Animations and builds can trip up even the most advanced of platforms. Hyperlinking can also be tricky. Web pages can look one way on your computer and another within the platform or they might not work at all.  If you must use hyperlinks, test them within the platform in advance.

  • Practice your responses. Identify the top 5 issues that commonly arise with whatever platform you use and develop canned responses. This can help you quickly move past the issue if it arises during your program.

Parting Thoughts

Webinars are valuable tools for KOL platforms and online speaker programs. The key is preparation. If you are using reliable vendors and you test your platforms, you can be prepared to react appropriately to whatever comes your way.

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