Beta Testing Checklist

beta testingMost people view beta testing as a quick once over. But this critical project phase usually uncovers more than typos and broken hyperlinks. Follow this checklist to improve the thoroughness of your next beta test.

Start with a qualified beta testing team. In addition to your web developers and designers, include your real-world users (e.g. HCPs, sales reps, patients, customers etc.) For quality control, we recommend at least 2 proofreaders. A second set of eyes is critical.

Arm your beta testing review team with a fully-approved, comprehensive specifications document. This is a road map for your review team that details the layout and functionality of each page. All images, navigation and copy should be included.

Here’s what should be covered as part of the beta testing process:


  • Copy – match copy onscreen to specifications document. Keep an eye out for typos that may have snuck past your review team.
  • Navigation (main and secondary) – make sure it’s there and it works.
  • Footer (copyright info, privacy policy, sitemap etc.)
  • Popups, sliders, animations etc. (impact and functionality)
  • Readability – verify web-safe fonts have been used as fall backs and tested.
  • Hidden 404 pages (content and functionality)

Search Optimization and Analytics

  • Metatags and metadata
  • Keywords (e.g. title tag, h1 tag, image alt tags etc.)
  • SEO landing pages (content and functionality)

User Experience and Acceptance Testing

  • Review final website vs the Specifications document and Business Rules
  • Hyperlinks
  • Logo – a good best practice is to link the logo to the homepage.
  • Overall usability – give your beta testing team an open forum to make suggestions. They are looking at the website from a whole different perspective than your web developers.
  • Navigation – is it intuitive and easy-to-use? Can you quickly locate the content you need?
  • Page optimization – reduction of landing page load times, animations images or videos
  • Form submissions (login, signup, join email list etc.)
  • Search fields


  • Targeted web  browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.) – test the versions your user base is using.
  • Devices – tablets and smartphones (apple and android)
  • Screen size(s) – review layouts at different screen sizes


Download Beta Testing Checklist

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