Thinking About Creating A Website? Start Here

website-compMany would say the most critical aspect of website development is the programming. However, we feel the website design comp deserves equal attention. The website design comp is the blueprint of your website. It’s mission critical to get it approved before any programming begins. Otherwise, it can impact cost and timing.

When it comes to the review of the website design comp, we recommend following a clearly documented process. You can streamline this process, by breaking it into the following parts:

  • Clearly identify your objectives at the onset of the project

  • Include the right reviewers

  • Use a documented process for collecting feedback and communicating it to your web partner

  • Establish clear timing expectations

Who are the right reviewers?

As a rule, try to include 1 person from each group that will be implementing the website. Any more than that makes the collaboration process difficult and you get a muddled product. Here’s who we suggest:

  • The “D” or Decision Maker

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Project Manager

  • IT

  • End user

Collecting Feedback

People become attached to their work. If you have a clear list of objective criteria to follow, the process becomes less personal. Use the following buckets:

  • Adherence to branding standards

  • Intuitiveness of functionality and navigation

  • User flow

  • Succinctness of content


Once you’ve collected feedback from the team, be prepared to go through 2 or 3 rounds of revision just in the comp phase. It’s worth it to ensure that you are really setting yourself up for success.

When you are reviewing the design comp, think about why you are creating the website in the first place. What do you want users to walk away with? Are you educating them, selling a product, collecting leads or driving traffic to another web asset? Look at the comp and really ask yourself “Is this accomplishing my goals”?

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