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Van Fleet

President and Founder


Visual media has been Rich’s focus since slides were hand-spliced and he delivered the final product personally. Today he sees the evolution of graphics, web, and print in the cloud, and a one-stop solution for the speaker’s bureau in Speakcore 2.0. Rich’s organic garden provides the greens and carrots for his daily shake and Buster the Boxer keeps him on the go. Delving back to his roots, Rich shoots portraits in his home photography studio. After hundreds of hours of study, Rich has become a photoshop aficionado.
Favorites: Thanksgiving with Baked Oysters

Carly Ritter



It’s all about people for Carly who uncovers and embraces opportunities to expand the potential of the team and empower them to fully apply their expertise. Confidence is something Carly has earned by digging into every aspect of the business and translating knowledge into solutions while employing her hands-on leadership style and perceptive listening skills. She enjoys social gatherings, with Christmas being her favorite time to bring her family together. Carly loves traveling, especially in St John, her top spot to vacation and experience fun in the sun.
Binge Watch: Schitt’s Creek.




Ryan envisions a day when he’ll be telling the story of Speakcore 2.0 just like some of the famous technology companies that started in the founder’s garage. He balances his highly technical role with a love of the outdoors. When he’s not focused on growing the best software solution, he can be found off the grid hiking in Maine or upstate New York. Ryan is part of a club dedicated to hikers who have summited all 46 High Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains and has started his young son on the same path.
Music: Blues & Classic Rock

Anthony Longo

Senior Manager - Digital & Creative Services


Anthony’s fascination with digital technology began in high school in computer graphics class. His process orientation and ability to manipulate data to solve problems enable him to thrive on a fast-paced schedule. Anthony touts the fun environment at the office and banter between deadlines as the balance for his team, who have the work down to a science. Thanksgiving is a special holiday because it is the only time his mom makes her homemade stuffing with sausage. Anthony indulges his 100lb Pitbull, who still thinks he is a lap dog.
Favorites: Disney’s EPCOT & the Loki TV Series

Joe Chencharik

Art Director – Digital & Creative Services


Joe can’t get enough of the arts, whether it’s bingeing on movies, hosting a podcast, or trying his hand at oil painting. He enjoys managing the intricacies of projects to keep everything flowing. Looking at life, Joe feels what’s most important to him are the family and friends closest at hand. He lives for Halloween from his 3rd-grade appearance as Austin Powers to the more recent depiction of the Sopranos' Paulie Walnuts. Joe is a die-hard Mets and Jets fan, driving as far as Baltimore to see a game.
Recommends: Goodfellas & Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Joshua Helm

Chief Software Architect


Josh finds creativity and constant learning as the parallel between his early career interest in culinary arts and his current role in software development. He beams when he describes Speakcore 2.0 as light years ahead of the legacy platform. Cooking, music, and driving help Josh relax, so he considers his commute and making dinner as his time to destress. Josh goes all out for Christmas Eve by preparing the family-friendly version of the Feast of the Seven Fishes. His music go-to is jazz, seeing artists in Philly and New York clubs, and listening while he works.
Someday Travel: Ireland

David Jordan

Software Implementation Project Manager


Dave is the communication conduit between our customer and our developers. He is a people person, making him perfect for his client-facing role. Dave enjoys golf, exercise, and rooting for the local sports teams, but recently spends a lot more time with his young family watching movies and planning kid-friendly travel. Christmas Eve is a big deal for Dave, hosting up to 40 guests, who bring covered dishes to add to his spread of two-foot hoagies.
Teams: Sixers & Eagles

Scott Hogan

Senior web and database developer


Scott envisions spoiling clients with the highly customizable Speakcore 2.0. As our most tenured programmer, he was one of the pioneers who started the CMW software, deep dive. Scott is fascinated with the places in the world ­– dubbed blue zones – where people live the longest and are healthiest. After a brief foray into beer-making, Scott spends most of his free time with family and working on home improvement projects. His commitment to continuous learning is shared equally between personal interests and his career in technology.
Someday Travel: several months immersion in Spain.

John "Fletch" Fletcher

Manager - Print Services


Fletch does a deep dive into tech with an application background in 3D graphics and flagging variable data. His “the buck stops here” mentality means nothing leaves the print shop without eyes on it. Although Fletch is highly experienced in production, his favorite part of the job is helping customers. Fletch hosts Halloween parties themed around movies and cultural events, like Day of the Dead, with guests dressed as the characters. He is a collector of all things music and comic books and is an avid waterfall chaser, traveling as far as Jamaica to enjoy the view.
Notables: Met Ozzy Osbourne twice

Jessica Reyes



Jessica brings order to the numbers and is grateful for the technology that secures remote communications. And, although she is amused by her younger dog Zeus trying to get Bree, her aging dog to play, Jessica prefers the caring climate of the office. Jessica’s favorite holiday is Christmas with extended family and friends. A fan of Broadway, Jessica was amazed at the precision of the Rockettes and was filled with sheer joy at the performance. Jessica’s roots are in Puerto Rico, but she loves traveling to any island destination.
Someday Travel: Hawaii

Company History

Founded in 1989 by President and CEO Richard Van Fleet, Creative MediaWorks initially focused on computer-generated graphic design and state-of-the-art presentation support. We became well known for our stringent standards, dedication to customer service and intense focus on delivering high-quality results on time and on budget.

Creative MediaWorks has since grown into a full-service graphics agency with a complete in-house staff of designers, programmers, and digital print specialists. With the company’s close proximity to New Jersey’s major pharmaceutical, biotech organizations, and their agencies, Creative MediaWorks quickly developed their niche as a valued creative partner to Life Science professionals throughout the region.

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