Is Your Speakers Bureau Management Software Outdated?

The introduction of online platforms into speaker program management has enabled medical communication agencies and life science professionals to keep up with the increasing regulations of pharmaceutical speakers bureaus while providing more efficient service to their customers. But if you find yourself working with speakers bureau management software that is poorly  designed, difficult to use, or requires additional platforms or programs to compensate for workflow inefficiencies, it may be time for an upgrade. Still not sure? Here are 5 clear signs it’s time for an upgrade.

1. Security

If the platform you are using does not adhere to the most current best practices for password and security best practices and vulnerability scanning, your client’s data is at risk. Using outdated software can be dangerous. If you cannot guarantee the security of your client data, it’s time for a change.

2. User Experience

Speakers bureau management software should solve a challenge for each one of your users. It should be intuitive, thoughtful and well-designed. If the interface is complicated and there are too many steps to accomplish simple tasks, adoption could be a challenge. And you could find yourself expending unnecessary funds on additional training and implementation that you may not have needed with a more user-friendly platform. If your speakers bureau management software is creating more challenges than it solves, it’s time for a change.  

3. Lacking in a complete set of features

The benefit to using speakers bureau management software is that it streamlines all of your data into one centralized location for more accurate data, efficient reporting and easier access. If you find yourself using multiple platforms to do the job of one more robust platform, it’s time for a change.

4. Service Provider

Working with a vendor who doesn’t respond to your requests in a timely manner affects your ability to respond to the needs of your own customer and stay competitive. And working with a vendor who doesn’t specialize in life sciences may affect their ability to make proactive recommendations that truly achieve your objectives. Both of these challenges will cost you time, money and customers. If your vendor is missing their deadlines or just missing the mark, it’s time for a change.

5. Inefficient data and reporting

Many of the factors above contribute to the integrity of your data. Whether it’s a lack of real-time updates, integration or a high margin for user error, an outdated software solution can lead to compromised data. If your reports are incomplete or inaccurate, it’s time for a change.

The good news is that with the increasing popularity of speakers bureau management software comes choice. For most Medical Communication agencies, customization is critical. Not every company interprets regulatory guidance the same way and program size usually varies from client to client. We recommend a customizable platform (vs. an off-the-shelf solution). This will help you scale the software to meet the unique needs of each individual client and the growth your business will most likely see from more efficient, effective program management!

Creative MediaWorks specializes in Life Science web application development. Speakcore is a cloud-based speaker bureau management platform we offer to agencies that manage speaker bureaus for life sciences companies. This turn-key, fully customizable leading edge platform enables you to increase revenue, expand your service offerings and address key client needs while providing more efficient, effective speaker bureau management.

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