Logo Design Tips for Life Science Event Branding

Thinking about unique custom logo design for your next life science event?

Creative-Stylish-Logo-2Custom event branding reinforces messaging at every event touch point from the evite to the evaluation form. A custom logo design and unified templates for slide presentations, signage and event collateral increase memorability and message recall.

When it comes to logo design, there are three basic types of logos. Which one you choose depends on your message and the amount of time you have for concept and design (which – we know – is never very long).

Logo Design Types

  • Iconic/Symbolic Logos use images to convey a literal (Apple) or abstract (Nike) representation of your organization. They are instantaneously recognizable to your brand, but leave a good amount of room for interpretation. Unless you are running a series of events under one theme, these are not advisable for a single-occurrence event.
  • Logotype/Wordmark can be your company, product or the title of your event with a tag line. Although it seems like there’s minimal room for creativity, fonts and colors convey more image and emotion than you think. For example, a thick font represents power and strength. So if you are running a speaker program for a mature brand, a thicker font would convey its market stability.
  • Combination Marks couple copy with image. There’s less room for interpretation than in an iconic/symbolic logo because the copy  clarifies the image. If you want to go with an iconic logo for your event, this is the type we recommend.

Some things to remember when it comes to Logo Design

Keep it simple. Odds are you and your design agency are going to have to produce a broad range of materials in a very short period of time. Create a logo that’s versatile, meaning it looks just as good on a screen, as it does on a handout or a 5-foot long banner.

Recycle. Using color themes from existing company or brand logos means you don’t have to start branding guidelines from scratch. There’s less time spent matching colors and registering printers and less room for printing error.

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