Your Wish List, Our Command: 24 Questions for Your PowerPoint Template

One of the many specialized services we provide here at CMW is designing PowerPoint templates. If you’ve worked with us on a PowerPoint project before, you know how our attention to detail, consistency, and tastefulness create streamlined and organized presentations. And if you haven’t — we’d love to help!

But as much as our extensive graphic and online experience in design and layout make us the perfect people for the job, each individual project is different — each one has its own requirements, specifications, and challenges to meet (you can count on that customized, personal service!). And that means that one of the most critical pieces of the process is communication.

We’ve discussed on the blog before how important communication is. In “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know”, we pointed out the simple idea that if a client hasn’t communicated a need, or the supplier hasn’t asked — it won’t be in the final product, because you don’t know what you don’t know. Then, step one of the LEAD Quality Process model was LISTEN — listen to a client’s needs. Communicate!

Communication becomes even trickier when working with a client who is servicing another client. We’ve experienced this with our PowerPoint template service. We need as much information as possible to ensure a completely satisfying product — but without direct communication, details might get lost in the shuffle — and that is a sacrifice of quality.

But fear not! CMW is and has always been about solutions. We have design solutions for you — and we have the solutions to the challenges we come across in our own process, always evolving and improving. That’s the idea behind our PowerPoint Template Design Questions, a comprehensive list that a client can fill out, or have their client fill out — to convey their precise vision. A wish list, if you will. Take a look! 

  1. What is the primary purpose of this template design?
  2. What is the key message that you want to communicate to the viewer?
  3. Will this template be used for one or multiple presentations?
  4. Who is/are the presentation(s) directed to?
  5. When you envision the template, what do you see?
  6. What feelings or specific keywords would you use to describe your visions?
  7. Is there something you’d like to base the look off of?
    • Style-guide, website, drug logo, corporate logo, current branding, area of disease, science site of disease, MOA, existing artwork, new artwork, other
  8. What type of template is required?
    • Corporate, clinical, professional, cutting-edge, scientific, marketing, high design, sales, other
  9. What are your strengths as an organization?
  10. What is your company / the drug’s image?
  11. What image would you like to portray?
    • Clinical, classical, technical, sophisticated, fun, other
  12. What kind of look do you prefer?
    • Feminine, techy, iconic, bold, masculine, edgy, other
  13. Are there specific images you would like incorporated into the design?
  14. Do you have any color preferences? What you’d like to see used / what colors should not be used?
  15. Can you provide samples of what you dislike?
    • Previously used PowerPoint template, websites, brochures, ads, etc.
  16. Can you share up to 5 images/themes that you like or “Inspire” you when you think of what you want this template to be)?
  17. What logo(s) should appear in the design, if any?
  18. Are there any corporate guidelines or restrictions that apply?
  19. Would you prefer a light or dark background?
  20. Will you require a meeting theme slide, walk-in slide or special title slide(s)?
  21. Can you provide a rough draft of the presentation content?
  22. We will do both widescreen, 4:3, or both?
  23. How will this presentation be viewed? Large screen, laptop, iPad?
  24. What will the content consist of? Text heavy? Charts? Or more open, lighter content?

Click here to get the downloadable PDF.

We are confident that a specific and thorough list like this will create much stronger and clearer communication between client and supplier, and vastly improve the quality of a final PowerPoint product. We want (and you want from your client) as much to work from as can be provided — because that means the final product will meet every last satisfaction! These questions, when answered in full, can cover all the bases — and make that happen.
So the next time you or your client is in need of the perfect PowerPoint template — call CMW, and we’ll get the process started with these questions. Communication is key. We want to listen to you! Your wish list is our command.