Scientific Poster Review – Simplified

Congratulations, your abstract has been accepted! You are ready to translate those results into a scientific poster to captivate and inform your peers. Your complex statistical results are carefully translated into a concise format with charts, tables, and bulleted text to your relay findings and results. Your vision and efforts are transformed into a poster that will generate discussion, additional interest and allow you to disseminate the content of your study. And now the review process begins!

When you send your scientific poster out for layout and the review process begins, a variety of collaborators begin the complex process of evaluating every detail of the poster. Each stage of review between the authors – internal and external, medical reviewers, legal, and global regulatory can be time consuming as you await to find out if you have the necessary approvals to present your scientific poster.

Although the review process is critical it can be stressful to manage. But, if you partner with the right vendor, you can step back and let someone oversee it for you. Come to CMW, with over 25 years of extensive experience in managing scientific poster production, we are well-versed in the pharmaceutical project review process – from inception to print. Have the peace of mind that comes with our knowledge and experience.

If you or a colleague are interested in creating a scientific poster that executes your vision without overseeing the hurdles of the approval process, talk to us today. Creative MediaWorks can help!