Custom Speaker Bureau Management Software

Speaker bureau management software helps streamline program management for agencies who manage life science speaker bureaus. It serves as one centralized repository for administrators, sales reps and speakers. And they can access it any time for real-time data and status information. A platform that tracks aggregate spend, budget allocations, speaker honoraria limits, and speaker contact information helps everyone stay within compliance.

Every client has different business rules. And the regulatory standards they’ve incorporated into their speaker bureau programs vary as well. These guidelines are put in place to ensure compliance with the Physician Payments Sunshine Act. Speakers can only present decks on which they’ve been trained. Contracts need to be current. Honoraria caps need to be accurately tracked so they are not exceeded. Each healthcare professional that attends an event also needs to be accounted for. And all speaker expenses need to be documented as well. Speaker bureau management software is an invaluable asset in organizing this information and making it accessible for reference and reporting. The best way to capture each and every requirement is to develop a detailed requirements document at the onset of a project.

A requirements document outlines the objective and functionality of the software. As the software develops and certain features become unnecessary, functionality will change. So the requirements can be fluid to a certain degree. But the business rules always remain the same. Business rules are vital specifications the speaker bureau management software must meet in order to maintain compliance. Because of their importance, they should be clearly outlined at the beginning of the document. The business rules can then be used as a benchmark throughout the development phases of the software.

A requirements document for custom speaker bureau management software may include the following sections:

  • Terms and definitions
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Functionality
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Security
  • Compatibility and external program requirements (i.e., CRM, email, billing, Master Database integration, etc.)
  • Assumptions

Be sure to map each requirement to a business rule. This is a great way to ensure every business rule is addressed. It may even help expedite the regulatory approval process! It also helps to note which stakeholder is requesting each requirement and who will benefit from the implementation of that requirement into the software.

The Requirements Document is a collaborative effort. It starts with the client clearly defining the objective of the project and how they envision the software functioning. The development team will then make recommendations based on their technical expertise. The key objective is for all stakeholders to have the same vision for the platform before any work on design or programming begins.

Creative MediaWorks specializes in Life Science web application development. Speakcore is a cloud-based speaker bureau management platform we offer to agencies that manage speaker bureaus for life sciences companies. This turn-key, fully customizable leading edge platform enables you to increase revenue, expand your service offerings and address key client needs while providing more efficient, effective speaker bureau management.

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