The Newer, Better Scientific Poster

The Newer, Better Scientific Poster

We can help you create the perfect poster for your next scientific conference.

There, front and center, is the main “finding” of this blog post. Forgetting facts and figures, text blocks and tech specs, that’s what you need to take away. It’s a bit like the popping subject line of a good email, or the “tell me about yourself” of a winning job interview. Except when a scientific poster is concerned, it could be the difference between discovery and discouragement.

At least that’s the argument from Mike Morrison, who made a video on a topic that’s gaining a lot of traction in the scientific community: a complete redesign of the typical scientific poster. One that significantly reduces the amount of content — fearless in the face of negative space — to highlight a key takeaway, in order to maximize a viewer’s engagement with the poster by not drowning their eyes in dense, busy information.

“Every field in science uses the same, old, wall-of-text poster design,” Morrison writes. “If we can improve the knowledge transfer efficiency of that design by even a little bit, it could have massive ripple effects on all of science.”

It’s a compelling argument, and one that we at CMW, as expert designers with years of experience in this specific field, are paying attention to. It’s yet to be seen whether or not this new design will accomplish its goal. We think there may be a happy medium between stark minimalism and crowded chaos. And either way, we want to help you if you think this is an idea worth trying for your or your client’s next conference.

Scientific posters are one of the niche, specialized services we provide because we know the particular style and requirements of the project. So as leaders in scientific poster design who have been evolving along with the industry for decades, we’re qualified to apply these daunting new ideas to the work we provide. We’re qualified to do it for you.

Although this concept is about poster design, it’s driven by content. If you have your research, your information, and a central message to drive, we do the rest. We want to get as much of your pertinent information into these posters as we can while streamlining and economizing its actual presentation to hopefully create this newer, better poster design.

We at CMW are excited by developments like this in a field; it’s an opportunity to grow, to improve, to experiment. We also know that you and your clients are always looking for innovative ways to do what you’ve always done. If this new poster design is something you want to try, come to us. To many, the alien idea may seem risky and intimidating. But if you know what you’re doing, taking a chance can be taking a step in a bold, rewarding new direction. We have the talent to do it right. 

Your knowledge is worth sharing; let’s share it the best we can.

Mike Morrison – Michigan State University Graduate School