TRENDS in Disseminating Info at Scientific Congresses

One of the key objectives when it comes to the world of research is the effective sharing and of scientific information at a congress or conference. This is especially true when the focus is the academic or professional presentation of research information. The quality of the presentation will differentiate you from others – even the smallest differences could get you more of the attention you desire for your research.

As the spring scientific poster congress season is here we wanted to share our found trends as we helped our clients disseminate information at the live congresses throughout the years.

Here they are – and please reply with any you’ve seen that have impressed you:

Emerging trends:

  1. Pocket-sized booklets: if you have multiple posters at one meeting, layout the posters into a pocket-sized piece where the attendees can have the posters all in one book.
  2. QR code handouts: if you have multiple posters at one meeting, place the titles and QR codes on a 8.5” x 11” paper for access to all of your posters.
  3. Pocket-sized schedule of events: If you have a lot going on at the event, create a guide to help guide people where you want them to go.
  4. QR codes with advanced landing pages: Add video to your poster when accessed on a personal device.
  5. Augmented Reality: bring your posters to life. AR is not just for fun and games. AR will let someone viewing your content engage with it in real time – getting more and deeper information. Of course, this requires more work in development, but it can be impressive when done right.

Traditional methods that are still effective:

  1. Flat or double-sided handouts: allows the viewer to take home and study the poster.
  2. 8.5” x 11” abstract only handouts: a short effective read for the viewer
  3. Fabric media: easiest way to transport a poster – less hassle and still an aesthetically pleasing showcase.
  4. ePoster repositories: keep all the posters and oral presentations ever given in one place. This allows you to make your content experience deeper and can also more easily give you a headstart on next year’s work.

The truth is that so long as there are live conferences and congresses, you have to give special attention to how you present your research to peer and potential partners. At Creative MediaWorks, we have been staying on the cutting edge for our clients for over 2 decades. Learn more about our Scientific Poster programs.

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