Keys to Success: Large Format Printing Tips

Hey — CMW back again; today we want to share with you another tip sheet! Now, you’ll probably notice that a recurring theme throughout our advice is effective communication. There’s one primary reason for this, which is that during our years of experience, we have found that great communication is integral to quality control — and quality is our top priority at CMW. One place where communication could not be more important? Printing.

High-quality printing is expensive — especially for large formats like scientific posters and banners. Sure, on the old office printer, you can change out a couple of ink cartridges and load new paper, but for a job this big, you need to get it right the first time. This means a creative team with a firm, thoroughly reviewed vision, and a print vendor who is on the exact same fabric or laminated page. Faulty communication and unclear requirements lead to time-consuming and costly do-overs. What if you need a banner for a weekend conference, you get it on Friday — the colors are muted and the finish is wrong. What now? These stressful problems can be solved, if you know the right questions and considerations.

The quality of your printed materials reflect the quality of your company — that’s why it means so much to us. ​If you oversee the development of scientific posters, banners or other large format printing pieces, use this Large Format Printing Tip Sheet to maximize communication with ​your creative and print vendors.